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Dear 2013

Dear 2013, please be a good, awesome and great year for me.

My village.

This is the place where i belong to , a village in arghakhanchi nepal , beautiful place! picture i took last time    when i visited there .

Lovely december

Hey friends How are you ? waiting for Christmas and new year? yeahh right! This month is full of happiness
its winter , take care all my friends :) be happy!
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A beautiful Morning

Hello friends , i hope you are doing good and doing some beautiful things there, sorry i made this post after a long time , actually i was so busy , i was busy with my exam , now its over, yeah i glad its over :D .
About today's picture
A beautiful Morning and starting day with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea, the best thing in the world ever.
and feel the morning wind ,feel that morning smell. watching beautiful sunrise just awesome. you agree ? right!

Picture took via my mobile
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