My village.

    This is the place where i belong to , a village in arghakhanchi nepal , beautiful place! picture i took last time    when i visited there .


  1. Myself Babu Ram. I visited Deorali Temple, Supakhola, Bhainpada, next to Budichor, Thada in the year 1985-86 on my way of destination to Daha, Gauchar, Arghakhanchi. My memory is ow blurred, yet I remember Rani Banon the slope of my ancestors' houses who are still believed to have been residing there. Nearby these houses, there was the house of Subedar of Malaya(sia) whose son's name was Dhan Singh. They were either Magar or Gurung by caste. Small village dwelling on plane of top of the hill and I could behold and visualize the range of Himalayas and Chutrabaisi.

    Do you have any idea to reach my blurred memories of 1985-86 which I witnessed by my own naked eyes. If so, kindly send me the pictures thereabout.


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